Date Award Objective Nominees City Country
January 2028 City of Kindness Kawa, Kuni Salonia

Esperson, Belfrug

Qalaria, Qalarstan

Tramontina, Arencia

Esperson Belfrug
February 2028 City of Dreams Chekoretta, Empirion

Megapoli, Liamosia

Woderia, Wodristan

Taco City, Tacosia

Chekoretta Empirion
March 2028 City of Diplomacy Reddington, Liamosia

Salonikun, Kuni Salonia

Piglomania City, Piglomania

Yukoslavia, Yusktana

Reddington Liamosia
April 2028 City of Improvement Piglomania City, Piglomania

Wyattown, Bruteland

Terynes, Grand Terrain

Piglomania City Piglomania
May 2028 City of Relaxation Tamale City, Tamalestan, Tacosia

Ionesia, Cyrisum, Liamosia

Theronia City, Theron Atoll, Empirion

Tradetown, Garrenland

Tradetown Garrenland
June 2028 City of Love Letzuria, Empirion

Veronsburgh, Liamosia

Kawa, Kuni Salonia

Kaleslashia, Kaletrakia

Veronsburgh Liamosia
July 2028 City of Spirit Gaotopolis, Gaotland

Letzuria, Empirion

Jewtopolis, Jewtopia

Terynes, Grand Terrain

Letzuria Empirion

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